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Back in high school I always never really think of myself having a job with a boss, I wanted to be independent, I have always been very restless, and back in those days my mind was always wondering about traveling and going to visit new places, I always dreamt about discovering ancient mysteries in the Yucatan Peninsula, exploring its ruins and cenotes. So I decided to become a freelance photographer.

I began my career at 17 years old, still using the old non-digital film process. I always struggled with the idea of how difficult is to live as a photographer and the useless comments and advises that come with it. I never listened to those, I felt deeply in my heart that this was my pad, I could hear it saying: “Go for it!” I went through some hard times, as everybody, but in the same way I have had such an AMAZING times, that I wouldn’t change my career for anything. Today I can say, photography is not my job, it is my lifestyle, and the most amazing one.

So I am living my dream life, I met the love of my life and married her, now, we have two amazing dogs that bring so much joy to our life!

I got the chance to be published at National Geographic Magazine, and I am very proud of it. It feels amazing to know that the most amazing photography magazine in the world considered your photos, that really made my life change, I started to see life and my work with a new full perspective.

I have simple tastes. I love god food, having a great wine from time to time, to play the guitar and the bass guitar, throwing some funky tunes. And well of course my new hobby, taking underwater cenote pictures! (is so amazing how you think of the world when you are 130 ft deep in these unique spots).

Some of my main skills are my adaptability to work in different light conditions and my reaction and ability to make the necessary changes and adjustments to get the perfect shot.

I define myself as a passionate, self-realized, happy and easy going human being.

Very nice to meet you and welcome to my world.

May the light be with you always!!!


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The Tulum FREE Maps

The Original Tulum FREE Maps, since 2006 with more than 400,000 copies distribuited yearly trough out Tulum, Akumal, Hol-Box


Riviera Maya Wedding Photographer

My original freelancing photography project.




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